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In an earlier post, steps were laid out on how to create a list of potential FHA Streamline Refinance candidates. With ListSource, you have many options to streamline your list even further. Consider including any of the following while building your list of FHA Streamline Refinance Leads:

  • Add Loan Amount
  • Include a Property Type to return only the properties that you are interested in
  • Select leads with Phone Numbers for a call campaign
  • Exclude Second Mortgages
  • Exclude Jr. Mortgages


ListSource is your source for FHA Streamline Refi leads with interest rates.


Watch this tutorial to learn how to create your own custom lead list using

Millions of homeownersare set to benefit from the Federal Housing Administration program for Streamline Refinance. Reach out and help refinance them today. Build your target marketing list online and find potential refinance candidates down the street or throughout the country.

Follow these steps to create your list today:

1. Simply login or create your new ListSource account

2. Select Create Your Own

3. Select Geography

4. Select Mortgage Tab

  • Under Lien Position, select 1st Mortgages
  • In the Select Criteria drop down, select Interest Rate
  • In the Select Criteria drop down, select Mortgage Origination Date and enter date range
  • In the Select Criteria drop down, select Primary Loan Type, choose FHA
  • Optional Selections:
    • To include Mortgage Amount, select from the drop down menu
    • To exclude Reverse Mortgages, select from the drop down menu
    • To select Fixed Rates, select from the drop down

5. Select Options Tab and choose Owner Occupied

6. Select Purchase Your List

7. Choose Standard Mortgage Lists

8. Choose Add to Order

Finding FHA prospects is really that simple.

Non-profit organizations can gain a deeper understanding of prospective donors that can prove to be invaluable. Information on the homeowner profile of prospects, can help determine who to contact first, or perhaps, not at all.

With ListSource, you can build a list using homeowner intelligence. Select from geographic location, current property value, estimated equity and foreclosure status. Additionally, you can select from several demographic filters to gain even more information:

  • Estimated Income
  • Investment Types
  • Occupation
  • Lifestyle Attributes
  • Personal Interests

With ListSource, you can gain valuable insight into your prospect and current donor list to create more precise messaging.

Using the interactive map search feature available on, you can visually target prospects based on a desired geographic area. Effectively prospect and target homeowners close to where you are currently conducting business or in a specific area to expand your reach.  When you use the interactive map, you’ll be able to:

  • Locate and target an area easily with North, South, East and West views
  • Select from road, aerial or bird’s eye views
  • See parcel boundaries and street map information
  • Rotate and zoom in and out with ease using the mini-map feature
  • Outline your search area using geometric drawing tools
  • Search for prospects with access to over 100 data attributes
  • Refine your prospect search criteria with thousands of filter options
  • Obtain lead counts instantly

Prospecting is easier with ListSource. Access a powerful method to target an area using street map intelligence. Get started. Your target prospects are waiting to hear from you.

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