Build Your List

Build your list in a few simple steps:

1. Start by choosing your Geography

When building searches within Create Your Own, you will be prompted to first select the desired geography. Geography is a required field and will enable all other search criteria such as mortgage inforamtion, property data, demographics and more. The drop down menu includes: city, county, MSA, street name, Zip Code, etc.

2. Make additional Mortgage-related criteria selections

ListSource guides users through each selection tab. Within the Mortgage section, the first selection required is Lien Position. Once this required field is set, the various filters within each lien position are enabled to refine your search.

3. Make additional Property-related criteria selections

When using property information as a selection, users may specify the various data elements filters within the select criteria menu box. Available options include: property type, current home value and more.

4. Make additional Demographics-related criteria selections

Users can further refine their lists by choosing a demographic filter. Demographic filters can be run at the individual or household level. Currently, 20 unique demographic attributes with hundreds of filters are available to further refine your search. Select from ethnicity, estimated income, age, marital status, gender, presence of children, lifestyle attributes and more.  Please Note: Compliance with the Fair Housing Act and other consumer protection and civil rights laws is the responsiblity of the User.

5. Options help to further customize your list

Within the options tab, users can specify preferences for phone numbers, occupancy status, address completeness requirements as well as the ability to exclude trustee-owned or corporate owned properties.


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