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With Quick Lists it’s simple to find the precise list for your marketing campaign. Whether you are interested in Consumer Marketing, Homeowner Services, locating Mortgage Prospects or promoting Investor opportunties, ListSource has the right list to meet your needs.

Absentee Owners – Easily identify potential investors by locating property owners with an absentee mailing address within a state or out-of-state. Build specialized marketing programs focused on offering home improvement or property management services.

Convert Adjustable Rate Mortgages – The number of ARM loans with upcoming reset dates is continuing to increase. Address the issues facing this audience of homeowners, including loan modification, refinancing or even credit counseling.

Estimated Equity – Seek homeowners based on the estimated available equity on their property in terms of dollars ($) or a percentage (%). Estimates are based on our proprietary AVM. Whether your marketing message is to homeowners who are prime candidates for a cash-out refinance loan or a loan modification, this list delivers.

FHA/VA Loan Prospects – Locate homeowners with high interest FHA or VA military loans who may be choice candidates to convert to conventional loans.

Foreclosure Prospects – Identify properties and owners progressing through the foreclosure process, including default (preforeclosure) initiated, pending auction sale and bank-owned (REO) properties.

Insurance Prospects – Locate homeowners for a variety of insurance needs, including: Disaster Recovery, Identity Theft and Renter’s /Homeowner’s Insurance.

Lender Specific – Did you know that you can build a list that is Lender specific? Distinguish Lenders for your marketing campaign using the “filter” feature (to search by Lender names) to build your targeted list.

Mortgage Consolidation – Distinguish homeowners with multiple mortgages (First Mortgage + all junior mortgages) as prime candiates for mortgage consolidation. Market your campaign on loan consolidation for cash-out, rate reduction, or limited monthly payment obligations with certainty.

Nearby Properties – Easily canvass a particular neighborhood by searching properties near a target property, intersection or general vicinity. Tailor your search using individual or household demographics to surgically target the right audience to your product or service.

New Homeowners - Homeowners who bought homes within the past 12 months are a good match for minor to major home improvement needs such as new carpeting, pool maintenance or landscape development.

Private Lender – Locate properties that were financed by a private party loan.

Private Mortgage Insurance Removal - Looking for homeowners with the potential of increased monthly income? Our PMI list may be just the list you need to target prime candidates for refinance as the equity in their home increases over time and their PMI payment is no longer a requirement. With the potential of increased disposable income, these homeowners are excellent additions to consumer marketing campaigns.

Rate & Term Reduction - The creative home financing options of recent years has resulted in several mortgage products with high interest rates and lengthy terms. Access a list of homeowners with high interest rates on their current mortgage or with mortgage terms of over 30 years.

Reverse Mortgage Prospects - Find potential FHA Reverse Mortgage candidates based on age and current mortgage information. Using this list, you can confidently speak to the advantages of accessing equity and increasing monthly income.

Seller Carryback - Identify properties that have been financed by the seller.

Subprime Loans - Tap into the subprime loan market by targeting specific lenders or lender type. Homeowners with current subprime loans are eager to refinance to a conventional loan.

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