Refining Your List

Append Output Fields

Add additional output fields to your list individually or by using bundled packages.

Select Number of Records

ListSource provides you the option to download all records available (default) or you may choose to buy a subset of the total universe available. If you choose to purchase a subset of the total records, the following options are available:

  • All leads
  • Only “x” number of leads
  • Every nth lead, to a max of “x”
  • Custom selection by State, Zip Code, Area Code, MSA or Census Tract

File Suppression and Data Management

ListSource gives the user the ability to manage their data more effectively. A user no longer has to remember the specific information in every download. Easily eliminate duplicate leads by selecting previously purchased lists to suppress against.

Order Summary – Review details of your list including the database, number of total records available and the default name provided.

Name Your List – Users have the option to rename lists as desired.

Confirm Your Order - An order summary is provided to the user prior to purchase. Users have the option to view sample records as well as review the list criteria to ensure accuracy.

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