How Well Do You Know Your Donors?

What if you could get a deeper understanding of your current and potential donors? Would additional information on their homeowner profile help you to prioritize who should be contacted first, or not at all?


Obtain Homeowner Intelligence

Integrate ListSource homeowner characteristics into your Donor Management System (DMS) and gain homeowner intelligence - get to know your donors better. You’ll realize the benefits of cleaner, current and transparent data. 

Invest in Your Prospect Research Function

Investment in your prospect research plan thru the implementation of homeowner intelligence enables you to identify and connect with your most promising donors.  Using ListSource, you can build a marketing list based on a variety of attributes to supplement your database:

  • geographic location
  • current property value
  • estimated equity
  • foreclosure status

Additionally, you may select from a variety of demographic filters (on the Demographics Tab) to search for homeowners with specific characteristics including: 

  • estimated income
  • investment types 
  • occupation
  • lifestyle attributes
  • personal interests

With ListSource, you can gain valuable insight into your prospect and current donor list to create more precise messaging.

Search Tip: Using the map search tool, you are able to draw a radius around a specific geographic location, e.g. the university, to locate homeowners who may also be university boosters and participate in university-related events (concerts, sporting events, etc.).


Benefit from Comprehensive Data to Get to Know Current and Prospective Donors

Access information on more than 134 million properties across the nation – that’s 94% of the U.S. population.  What does this mean to you?  

  • Precisely target the right donors across the nation
  • Drive donations upward by identifying new potential donors
  • Enhance your existing applications with rich data for greater value
  • Access the deepest historical archive available

CoreLogic provides smart and cost effective homeowner intelligence to meet academic fundraising goals. 


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