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ListSource provides hundreds of property and demographic attributes to support virtually any homeowner specific marketing list requirements. Quickly create lists based upon property details, valuation and other mortgage information as well as demographic data such as estimated income, age and ethnicity. 

Whether you offer home repair services, magazine subscriptions or have a special offer for absentee homeowners, ListSource provides the data necessary to produce targeted direct marketing. To better assist you, we have provided access to several Quick Lists that work in a variety of use types:

Quick List


Absentee Owners Target homeowners who do not reside in the property that they own and may also reside in a different state.
Convert Adjustable Rate Mortgages Locate homeowners with a current ARM and determine if they are facing an upcoming reset date.
Estimated Equity Seek homeowners who are prime candidates for a home equity loan or a cash-out refinance loan.
FHA & VA Military Home Loan Eligibility Homeowners with FHA/VA Military loans may be good prospects to convert their existing mortgage to a conventional loan.
Foreclosure Prospects Choose from Pending Auction Sale where an auction date to sell the property has been planned or Bank-Owned (REO) properties.
Insurance Prospects Locate homeowners with property and lifestyle characteristics that match the Insurance services that you offer.
Nearby Properties Pinpoint nearby properties from a specific geographic area or property address for targeted marketing campaigns.
New Homeowners Individuals who purchased a property within the last 12 months are great targets for home improvement needs and home services.
Lender Specific Create a marketing list based on mortgages provided by specific lenders to target your competitor's customers.
Mortgage Consolidation Obtain a list of homeowners who have multiple mortgages on the same property and may be interested in a consolidation.
Mortgage Loan Rate & Term Reduction Discover homeowners with high interest rates on their current mortgage or those with a current mortgage term of over 30 years.
Private Party Lender Prospects Target homeowners who used unconventional methods to finance their home with a private party loan.
Private Mortgage Insurance Removal  Locate homeowners who currently have Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and determine if they are eligible for removal of the PMI.
Reverse Mortgage Prospects Find potential FHA Reverse Mortgage candidates based on their age and current mortgage information.
Seller Carryback Locate homeowners who used unconventional methods to finance their home with financing by the seller.
Subprime Loans Homeowners with current subprime loans may be eligible to refinance to a conventional loan or seek a new loan with better terms.


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With Quick Lists it's simple to find the precise list for your marketing campaign. Whether you are interested in Consumer Marketing, Homeowner Services, locating Mortgage Prospects or promoting Investor opportunities, ListSource has the right list to meet your needs.