Locate Homeowners Who Have Multiple Mortgages on the Same Property

Many households are struggling to pay their debt obligations on time. What if you could target borrowers and provide them with a plan to pay off their current high interest consumer debt and pay off their home early without raising their monthly cash out? Using a mortgage to consolidate debt can reduce a borrower's payments and total interest costs. 

Target homeowners with multiple mortgages (First Mortgage + all junior mortgages) who may be great candidates for a consolidation loan. Homeowners can benefit from a single loan for cash-out, rate reduction, or to simply to streamline their number of monthly payment obligations.

Here's a sample of the type of data that you can expect to receive from this list:

  • First Mortgage Origination Date
  • First Mortgage Origination Amount
  • Junior mortgage Origination Date
  • Junior Mortgage Origination Amount
  • Property Type
  • Age (filter only)
  • Estimated Income (filter only)

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