Discover Homeowners with FHA and VA Loans

Locating homeowners with FHA loans

Building a list of homeowners with an FHA loan is ideal if you are looking for refinance candidates. With historically low interest rates, many homeowners may be willing and able to refinance their loan.

Obama Refinance Plan: As many as 3 million homeowners my be eligible for refinancing and could benefit with savings of about $1,000 per year. Be the first to target homeowners looking to benefit from President Barack Obama's recent announcement on reduced refinance fees for FHA borrowers. Read more.

High Interest Rate: Chances are some homeowners with FHA loans may have a high interest rate, or an ARM. This is a great list to target homeowners who are interested in lowering their mortgage payment through a simplified process. 

Or perhaps you may want to market your services to First Time Home Buyers...

Moving Up: FHA loans appeal to First Time Home Buyers because they do not require a large down payment and may be a lot easier to qualify for in comparison to a conventional loan. With this list, you can target prospects who may be interested in moving up to a larger or more expensive home. 


Locating homeowners with VA loans

VA loans were tailored specifically to provide long-term financing for American veterans or their surviving spouses (who have not remarried). With ListSource, it's easy to locate homeowners with VA loans. Whether you are a non profit organization interested in raising awareness or support for your cause, or an educational institutional wanting to increase enrollment, ListSource offers the right list to meet your needs. 

Automotive Services: Automotive Service providers located near a military base can target active duty homeowners with VA loans to promote their services and products. 

Educational Institutions: Communicate directly with Veterans and their spouses on enrollment opportunities in higher learning institutions for advanced degrees or professional certification programs.

Exterior Home Care: If you are in the business of landscaping, painting or fencing, you can communicate directly with households in need of your exterior home care products and services. 

Medical Services: Pinpoint an audience that may be in need of your specialized medical services that may not be covered under standard military medical benefits. 

Physical Fitness: Physical activity is common place among military personnel. Zero in on an audience that may be interested in gym memberships or physical fitness equipment. 

Here's a sample of the type of data that you will receive from this list:

  • Mortgage Origination Date
  • Property Type 
  • Primary Loan Type
  • Owner Age

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