Conduct a Search For Homeowners Based on Lender Name

This list is ideal if you have a good idea of which lenders you want to target or avoid. The search tool allows you "look up" all available lenders that meet the lender name provided.

Lender names have been standardized to assist with the user experience; however, lenders with multiple entities will still be provided for more targeted searches. Once you have selected the lender that you are interested in searching, you may repeat this process for other lender searches. 

An alternative to targeting specific lenders is to do the reverse. That is, instead of selecting specific lenders that you would like to target, you can select those lenders that you DO NOT want and exclude them.  

Here's a sample of the type of data that you can expect to receive from this list:

  • Property Type
  • Lender Origination
  • Mortgage Amount

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