Market Your Services Directly to New Homeowners

New homeowners often have an immediate need to establish new loyalties with local businesses and service providers. They also typically spend more on home-related products and services during their first six months of residence than established residents will spend in two years. 

Restaurants, furniture stores, electronics retailers, home security providers, pool cleaning services, landscapers and fund raisers can also benefit from this target audience.

Here's a sample of the type of data that you will receive from this list:

  • Full Owner Name
  • Full Mailing Address
  • Length of Residence
  • Property Type
  • Last Market Sale Date

With access to mortgage data and tax assessor records, ListSource contains both unique and valuable information to provide you with homeowner intelligence. Examples of property data that you can filter on include: loan-to-value ratio, equity (dollar amount and percentage), whether properties are absentee owner vs. owner- occupied, lot size, year built, heating / air conditioning type, number of beds and baths - just to name a few.

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