Locate Homeowners in Various Stages of Foreclosure

For many investors, lenders and marketers, monitoring distressed properties and identifying properties that are potential foreclosures, or that have been foreclosed on, is an essential strategy. Whether you are an investor interested in purchasing bank-owned properties, a contractor wanting to target these properties for future home repair projects, or a direct marketer needing to suppress this audience as an ineligible lead - ListSource can help. 

The in-depth foreclosure-related data combined with the flexible searching and list building functionality available in ListSource, allows you to easily target properties in the following distressed and foreclosure-related situations:

  • Default (Pre-Foreclosure) Initiated - A legal document has been filed officially recognizing that a borrower is behind on payment(s) and their mortgage is in default
  • Pending Auction Sale - An auction date to sell the property has been planned as a result of a mortgage default and foreclosure-related proceeding
  • Bank-owned (REO) Properties - Properties currently owned by a bank, lender or other financial institution due to a foreclosure-related proceeding

Here's a sample of the type of data that you will receive from this list:

  • Full Owner Name
  • Foreclosure Sale Price

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