Conduct a Search for Homes Financed by the Seller

With ListSource, you can locate properties that have been financed by the seller of a property. A property owner may offer seller carryback financing to help sell their property. This type of financing usually takes place if an interested buyer is not able to qualify (through conventional lending methods) for the total amount needed to finance the property.  Sellers will then carry a second mortgage on the property that the buyer is obligated to pay down each month.

Seller can realize the following benefits by offering seller carryback financing:

  • Opening the purchase of the property of more potential buyers
  • Raising the asking price for the property
  • Earning monthly interest on their loan  

Here's a sample of the type of data that you can expect to receive from this list:

  • First Mortgage Lender name
  • First Mortgage Lender Address
  • First Mortgage Loan Amount
  • First Mortgage Loan Date
  • Mortgage LTV
  • Property Type

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