Access Accurate and Current Information on Over 134 Million Properties Nationwide

Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents are the experts of the real estate market in their communities.

As the expert, you know which neighborhood will best fit your buyers' needs and budgets. If you spend a significant amount of time looking for properties to sell, ListSource is your solution to stay ahead of the competition. 

ListSource enables real estate investors, brokers and agents to create and manage marketing lists using the most up-to-date and accurate information on more than 134 million properties nationwide.

Benefits to Aid in Your Search

By utilizing map-based searching with flexible querying and filtering options, such as property characteristic information, property  location details, demographics, buying behavior and mortgage data, you can narrow your search and achieve greater results. 

Additional Benefits:

  • Generate reports from four report options: Contact List, Prospecting List, List of Records and Property Detail 
  • Create mailing labels
  • Export data to a .csv file
  • Eliminate duplicate records from previously purchased lists 

Quick Lists to Get You Started

Take the guess work out of building your own list by using Quick Lists to propel your marketing efforts today:

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