Cross Sell and Up Sell: Portfolio Expansion Opportunities

Client Need:

A large mortgage corporation had an existing portfolio of 1.8 million non-mortgage customers. Foreseeing an opportunity to expand these relationships, the organization set out to develop a direct marketing effort. To be more effective in offering a competitive home equity or first mortgage loan, this company needed to gain a better understanding of their customer's underlying mortgages and market values. 


To achieve the results, CoreLogic used Match and Append Database Services to append the clients' customer data with recorded mortgage information to develop a more comprehensive view. With the list fully populated, ValuePoint®4, a multiple-point method AVM, was applied to estimate current market values. 


Using Match and Append Database Services to populate its database and ValuePoint4® to estimate market value, the client embarked upon a successful direct marketing program with a "better than typical" response resulting in an increased number of new home mortgages. Additionally, the client is tracking attributes of respondents and is embarking on a new lead generation campaign using these known attributes to find "like prospects" via ListSource. 

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