Do Not Call Prospects: A New Approach To Marketing

Client Need:

A mortgage-banking firm was experiencing notable success using ListSource to obtain leads for their marketing call campaigns. Although ListSource has been meeting their needs and increasing their business substantially, the marketing team identified a large qualified segment that was out of reach due to the National Do Not Call (DNC) list.


The client provided specific permitted use criteria and used it to develop a targeted direct mail list. The firm chose a layered marketing campaign consisting of direct mail with a strong call to action: a free valuation of the prospect's property. 

The direct mail piece invited recipients to visit a specific URL tor a free analysis. ValueMap™ powered the site, which was branded with the mortgage-banking firm's name and artwork. This site gave prospects instant access to property value information; therefore, intriguing the prospects to be contacted to discuss refinancing opportunities.


The firm gained strong leads who are now requesting to be contacted, thus removing the barrier of the DNC list. Early results are far exceeding the performance targets. The firm is preparing a larger campaign to leverage the financial performance of the test. 

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