Secure Targeted Leads and Reduce Costs

Client Need:

A Southern California-based lender noticed a decline in the quality of leads from their current provider. Trends included high volumes of returned mail due to inaccurate mailing information and sparse data within the counties provided. The lender desired an online solution that enabled them to access and select geographic properties as needed, then download them in multiple formats, including the ability to purchase telemarketing lists. Additionally, the client required a way to analyze data on the fly prior to purchase. 


The client was presented with ListSource, which provides homeowner data for over 134 million properties. With advanced search and filtering capabilities on more than 70 distinct criteria fields, it is easy to identify targeted segments and create lists that support sophisticated, surgical marketing programs.  

The lenders requirements were met by utilizing our premier list database, this solution delivers fresh and accurate data on over 94% of U.S. homeowners nationwide. ListSource is dynamic - the client was able to run counts, adjust criteria and preview available leads before purchasing. Although the client used the eCommerce option for the test, ListSource offers a variety of flexible subscription plans and commitment terms which appealed to the client. 


The data accuracy and querying capabilities have enabled the customer to conduct highly-targeted direct mail and now telemarketing campaigns. As a result, the lender has exceeded their goal of 1% response and 20% conversion. The lender recently purchased a subscription plan and to further reduce their cost. 

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