Select From Over 134 Million Properties To Target Your Best Audience

When response rates count and budget is limited, employ a more surgical approach using ListSource. Access powerful new prospecting capabilities with detailed property data and analytics coupled with individual and / or household level lifestyle and behavioral data such as age, estimated income and ethnicity. Identify a wider, yet more targeted range of unique prospect segments. 

Build and download your own lists online in minutes. ListSource provides actionable information to help you land your message in the right hands at the right time. 

  • A customer who recently moved into a home and may be in the market for significant purchases such as electronics, appliances or furniture.
  • Homeowners who recently opened an equity line of credit or refinanced and have taken cash out of their home for traveling or a new automobile purchase.

Whether you are a painter or an interior designer, access information that is relevant to building a targeted marketing list. Access property details including:

  • number of bedrooms
  • square footage
  • gross living area
  • basement
  • # of floors
  • waterfront influence
  • swimming pool
  • year built
  • type of garage
  • style of home, e.g. historic, bungalow


Did You Know?

During the first two years after closing on a house, a typical buyer of a new single-family detached home tends to spend on average $7,400 more than a similar home owner who does not move, including $4,900 in the first year after purchase. Likewise, a buyer of an existing single-family detached home tends to spend about $4,000 more than a similar non-moving home owner, including $3,600 during the first year.

- NAHB analysis,Dec. 2008

Begin your search today and propel your marketing efforts. 

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